Digital Stewardship Part 1

This is a concept where we look to preserve some old websites, yet upgrade them.

I have two specific examples, one is easy, the other one is loooong.

easy first example. Back in the day I supported a band called well i used to help those folk out back years ago. Well I still do from time-to-time, but not in a web presence way.

SO the site was classic ASP with some SQL server, hosted underneath my desk, on cable broadband. Or was it JSP with mysql? I don't know. Anyway the source code was culled from my archive a long time ago. What happened after say fifteen years? Well the band want an anniversary bash!

How do I get the original site back up and running? I was thinking of a virtual machine, but then I remembered the code was culled as it is over ten years old. No problem, the important parts are archived courtesy of the wayback machine

the website works reasonably enough, to make some screen grabs of. part 2 to follow