Guest projects shared with host challenge

I have my local GIT repository on a short path on my c drive. This is for two principal reasons.

  • Even in the second decade of the 21st century, when compiling SharePoint projects, we still get path too deep errors when working with sub-projects and in particular features
  • Sometimes when switch from the workplace and Wi-Fi, if a separate repository is maintained on the virtual machine, it can go awry, meaning you have to mess around doing a Git pull, fixing the tail and so on

Anyway, for small solutions, using the enhanced mode with a “c drive on your machine” is fine and works well. However, I am having major grief when using such paths to work with large multiple project solutions e.g. the PnP repository

I’ll load a solution and wait and wait. It seems that these "C on my laptop*\OfficeDevPnP.Core.csproj" references are flaky, sometimes they will work and sometimes they won’t. No wonder visual studio either freezes or it will flag that the project has been modified somewhere else.

I think I know why… these “c on foo” references get rewritten to \tsclient\c

how annoying However these \tsclient references are intermittent, so I cannot work with these as a workaround.


The result is a mess.. For such large projects I will have to copy locally to the virtual machine and merge with the repository on the host. Grr.