Modern sites are rubbish

They look great, they sound awful. They surely are useful...


  • We cant seem to upload or change anything in the style library folder. You get access denied if you try it via the UI, let alone using any code/script or tooling… I tried on two separate modern communications sites with different templates.. Probably related too….
  • You cant enable publishing infrastructure feature on modern sites. I had the idea I wanted to use some of the features of that feature if you know what I mean. What happens if that you see a mysterious SharePoint error. I had to try it several times leaving for a length of time, before I google the symptoms that revealed that it is a know bug / oversight, would be nice if the button could be removed or some sort of "this is not implemented" message. How many other features do I need to test?
  • Cos of the above, of course using SPGO as part of visual studio code, I cant get at the contents on /style library using the config file value

Hero web part thoughts

  • The title and description of the article are set manually, not from say the by-line of the content type value of the article page.

SPGo, modern sites and classic

For my modern site… cant seem to work with the style library contents.. Kind of important if your're are going to brand in anger!

Let's compare to a classic site...

Using SPGo - a Visual Studio Code "replacement" for SharePoint Designer, we pull the workspace from remote shiftusing cmd shift and p

Rules for the config file… entries must reflect the url, so if there is a space, include that, but escape it, here's two examples

Also, it doesn’t seem to pull down, if you include a folder with no files in it, preventing the populate local workspace process completing.