A band from Brighton, UK.

Latest Release

The Silent Watcher


"It’s really bloody good." DJ GeorgyGirl - Plugged In Brighton August 2019
"she possesses some special inexplicable mood charm and charm. I listen with pleasure, often playing the album in the background in repeat mode. Give it a try." - **Recyclable Sounds

Top 3 Music Releases So Proud to featured with the awesome LANDLORDS and Cockwomble


leave the dead to sleep

Kemp Town Terrier

never mind the gorilla

Next shows

Sat 21st Sept. 2019 - ChooChoo150

Wed 6th Nov 2019 - El Gato Negra Presenta

Sun 8th Dec 2019 - Santa's Psychedelic Sundae

Ten Questions - Plugged In Brighton


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